icon MMSS Multi-PlatformMultiple Mutual Screen Sharing
icon Hyokai Multi-PlatformSimple SQLite Editor for Big-data Analysis
icon Battery Support AndroidBattery information at notification bar
icon Large Text AndroidZoom characters
icon Delete Key as Backspace AndroidReplace delete key with backspace
icon Qt-BSch3V Modified (Japanese) Mac OS XSimple Schematic Editor
icon Removable Disk Cleaner (Japanese) Mac OS XClean your removable disk
icon Majirogi Mac OS XEmphasize Mouse Cursor
icon Control Test Platform Multi-PlatformEasy framework for robot simulation with Open Dynamics Engine.
Linkdown Multi-PlatformBuild static webpages with Markdown, reStructuredText, Jinja2 templates, LESS or some recent tools.
ftditerm Multi-PlatformFTDI Terminal with libftdi
Wirelessloader AVRBootloader for AVR devices, optimized to write via wireless usart access.